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湖南省长郡中学2019届高三月考试卷(二) 英语试题
第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
An Oceans Vacuum
There’s a collection of plastic trash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It’s bigger than Texas-and growing. The way to clean it up now is to catch it with nets. That is both costly and slow. Instead, the Ocean Cleanup Project proposes 62-mile-long floating barriers that would use natural currents to trap trash. If next year’s trials succeed, a full cleanup operation would aim to start in 2020. It could reduce the trash by 42% over 10 years.
Easy-On Shoes
In 2012, Mathew Walzer, a high school student with a disability, sent a note to Nike. “My dream is o go to college,” he wrote, “without having to worry about someone coming to tie my shoes every day.” Nike assigned a design team to the challenge. This year, they came out with their solution: the FlyEase. The basketball shoe can be fastened with one hand. A pair of Nike FlyEase shoes sells for $130.
An Airport for Drones(无人机)
As Amazon, Google, and others get ready for drone delivery service, there is one big question: what kinds of home bases will their drones have? Rwanda, in Africa, may have the answer. There, workers will soon start work on three “drone ports”. The goal is to make it easier to transport food, medical supplies, electronics, and other goods through the hilly countryside. Construction is set to be completed in 2020.
21.What’s the advantage of the Oceans Vacuum?
A. It can be a money-saver
B. It can grow year by year
C. It can tear plastic into pieces
D. It can be put into wide use soon
22.What do we know about Nike?
A. It offers free shoes to the disabled
B. It is designing new shoes frequently
C. It provides customer-friendly services
D. It responded to Matthew’s request passively
23.Why is Rwanda setting up “drone ports”?
A. Because road travel there is rough[来源:学科网]
B. Because there are too many drones
C. Because they’re easier to construct than roads
D. Because they are receptive to new technology
I grew up in a troubled home in the 1970s, on the outskirts of downtown Orlando, Florida. Not far away, a three-story house attracted my eyes.
It was nothing like the one I lived in with my mother, a small dark place with rules about befriending others. “Don’t. Never, ever talk to anyone,” my mother said.
One day, in sixth grade, a black-haired woman was introduced to our class: Mrs. Reese. Reese explained that she was starting Spanish Club. She invited anyone interested in learning Spanish language and culture to stay after school.
I could not take my eyes off her bracelets(手镯) and shining rings. The bell rang, and to my shock, no one went up to Mrs. Reese. I was under strict orders to go straight home. But that day, I stayed. I asked Mrs. Reese when the club started.
“We could begin right now if you like,” she said with a smile. I felt beautiful. That day I learned that the house of my dreams was her house. I learned how to answer questions about my age and my favorite food in Spanish. And I learned, Do you want to come over tomorrow for cooking lessons?
I wanted to say “Yes”, but Mom’s words held me back.[来源:学#科#网]
I begged my mother all summer and into fall, well after Spanish Club had dissolved. I wept at night sometimes, so worried that Mrs. Reese and her family would move away.
At some point, I managed to wear my mother down and one Saturday afternoon. I rode out to Mrs. Reese’s house.
The details of that afternoon are marked in my mind: We had tea. She painted my toenails red. We made a garlicky picadillo. We spoke in Spanish. In Spanish, my voice was loud and romantic. This is the real me! I remember thinking.
My mother never permitted me another visit to Mrs. Reese’s house. But four decades later, I still remember that day and the life she showed me, proof of a possible future.
24.What kind of family was the author from?
A. Hard-up B. Two-parent
C. Stress-free D. Disease-ridden
25.Why did the author choose to join the club?
A. She wanted to stay longer at school
B. She intended to comfort Mrs. Reese
C. She was deeply attracted by Mrs. Reese
D. She hoped to befriend the owner of her dreamt house
26.The author went to Mrs. Reese’s house     .
A. with the help of her tears
B. while no one was noticing
C. with her mother’s permission
D. just before the lady moved away
27.What did the author gain from Mrs. Reese?
A. The beauty of Spanish
B. The wonder of a new world
C. The power of self-confidence
D. The importance of independence
English is full of colorful phrases to describe shyness. Someone shy might be called shrinking violet or a wallflower, while for especially nervous types we have the curious expression: they wouldn’t say boo to a goose.
None of these are traditionally seen as positive descriptions, even if you like geese. In a culture of go-getting, high achievers, shy people don’t come first. Or that's what the self-help industry would have you believe. Bookshops are filled with vital tomes(巨著) that promise to help beat social fears and find success in life, love and business. That is why one book, Shrinking Violets: A Field Guide to Shyness, bucks the trend. It became a sudden success across English-language media recently for its new take-on shyness.
Author Joe Moran says that despite struggling with shyness and longing for loneliness all his life, being shy can also be "a gift". Freed from the constant urge to participate and compete in social situations, people are liberated to look at the world in new ways, and gain fresh insights.
Indeed, many of the world's great thinkers and artists are introverts(内向的人). Scientists Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein preferred their own company; actress Keira Knightley often finds herself tongue-tied at parties; and Harry Potter author JK Rowling claims she used to be too nervous to even borrow a pen.
Moran told BBC Future: "I think shyness probably does turn you into an amateur anthropologist(人类学家), really-you are more likely to be an observer."
So, while extroverts make all the noise, they don't necessarily have the best ideas.
If you're shy, you've probably known this for a long time. You just don't shout about it.
28.When someone is being called a wallflower, he is being     .
A. praised for his grace B. admired for his character
C. laughed at for his shyness D. told off for his nervousness
29.The underlined phrase “bucks the trend” in Paragraph 2 probably means ”     ”.
A. going against the trend and succeeds
B. changing the public idea completely
C. becoming unpopular and unaccepted
D. becoming the major concern of people
30.The author mentioned many famous shy people in order to     .
A. point out the harm shyness brings
B. disconnect shyness and success
C. shows the reasons for shyness
D. prove shyness contributes to science
31.What is the author’s attitude towards shyness?
A. Opposed B. Indifferent C. Supportive D. Critical
Frigatebirds seagoing fliers with a 6-foot wingspan, can stay aloft(up in the air) for weeks at a time, a new study has found.
Since the frigatebird spends most of its life at sea, its habits outside of when it reproduces on land aren’t well-known-until researchers started tracking them around the Indian Ocean. What the researchers discovered is that the bird’s flying ability is unbelievable.
Ornithologist(鸟类学家) Henri Weimerskirch put satellite tage(标签) on a couple of dozen frigatebirds. When the data started to come in, he could hardly believe how high the birds flew.
"First, we found, 'Whoa, 1,500 meters. Excellent,' " says Weimerskirch, "And after 2,000, after 3,000, after 4,000 meters-OK, at this altitude they are in freezing conditions, especially surprising for a tropical bird."
"There is no other bird flying so high relative to the sea surface," he says. "It's the only bird that is known to intentionally enter into a cloud," Weimerskirch says. And not just any cloud-a soft, white cumulus cloud(积云). Over the ocean, these clouds tend to form in places where warm air rises from the sea surface. The birds take a ride on the current of rising air, all the way up to the top of the cloud.
Frigatebirds have to find ways to stay aloft because they can't land on the water. Since their feathers aren't waterproof, the birds would drown in short order. They feed by harassing other birds in flight until they bring whatever fish they've swallowed back into their mouth and the frigatebird takes it.
So in between meals, frigatebirds fly higher... and higher.
In one case, for two months-continuously aloft.
One of the tagged birds flew 40 miles without a wing-flap. Several covered more than 300 miles a day on average, and flew continuously for weeks. They are blessed with an unusual body. No bird has a larger wing surface area compared with body weight.
32.How did researchers feel when data about frigatebirds reached them?
A. Calm B. Surprised C. Hopeful D. Anxious
33.According to the text, how can frigatebirds fly so high?
A. By flying into a cloud
B. With the help of researchers
C. Thanks to advanced technology
D. By following other birds into the sky
34.What does the underlined word ”they” in the text refer to?
A. Frigatebirds B. Other birds C. Small fish D. Larger fish
35.In what aspect are frigatebirds different from other birds?
A. When they give birth B. What they feed on
C. Their body weight D. Their wing surface area
How to Build a Students Self-Confidence
Educating students means more than giving them academic knowledge. Simply knowing a correct response doesn’t give a student the confidence to raise his hand to answer a question. Students perform best in constructive learning environments.  36  
Provide leadership opportunities for students. Cultivate (培养)important characteristics, including responsibility and independence by assigning students to take different classroom roles. Suitable jobs include hall monitors, audio-visual assistants and classroom helpers.  37  
Set achievable goals for each student.  38  Engage in ongoing dialogue regarding your expectations and their individual progress. Reward students for meeting challenges, while persuading struggling students back on track.
Give constructive feedback to help reduce weaknesses and strengthen strengths. Teach students that self-confidence isn’t built from being harmed by praise. Remain honest with each student to encourage them to speak out their problems, instead of avoiding or denying their existence. Make corrections without damaging your students’ confidence.[来源:学科网]
Encourage students to set high standards for themselves.  39  Reinforce(强化) this message with agc-appropriate examples and literature. Provide consistent encouragement to students to show your commitment to their success.
  40  Realize that conquering difficult tasks builds mental toughness and fosters persistence. Relay this message to your students by asking each one to write a goal that focuses on improving a weak area. Help your students develop relevant attack plans.
A. Push students to improve their weaknesses
B. Self-confidence games can help students of all ages
C. Reassure students that they are capable of achieving greatness
D. You can ease students’ insecurities with various activities that build confidence
E. They are especially useful in helping young children build success for their future
F. Realize that overcoming self-doubt to achieve objectives helps build students’ confidence
G. Mastering some duties can help build confidence and erase fear of trying new experiences
第三部分 语言知识运用(共两节,满分45分)
I don’t know why I came to the decision to become a loser, but I know I made the choice at a young age. Sometime in the middle of fourth grade, I stopped  41  . By the time I was in seventh grade, I was  42  , difficult and disrespectful.
It wasn't long after I  43  out of school. Hard physical labor was the consequence for the choices I made as a(n)  44  . At the age of twenty-one, I was hopelessly  45  , and using drugs as a way to deal with the fact that I had no  46  .
But now I believe in do-overs, in the chance to do it all  47  . And I believe that do-overs can be made at any  48  in your life. Mine came from a surprising  49  .
It was September 21,2002, when my son Blake was born. It's funny that after a life of avoiding  50  , now I was in charge of something so fragile. Over the years, as I grew into the title of  51  , I began to learn something about myself.  52  , Blake and I were both learning to walk, talk, work, and play for the first time. I began my do-over.
It took me almost three years to learn how to  53  . I started with my son's books. Over and over, I  54  reading books to him until I remembered all the  55  in every one of them. I began to wonder if it was possible for me to go back to  56  . I knew I wanted to be a good  57  , so after a year and a half and a lot of hard work, I  58  my GED test on my son's fourth birthday. All things considered, it was one of the best days in my life. Today, I'm a full-time college student,  59  to become a sociologist.
Now I believe it's a  60  anyone can make: to do it all over again.
41.A. working B. trying C. crying D. listening
42.A. lazy B. crazy C. hardworking D. outgoing
43.A. jumped B. helped C. dropped D. survived
44.A. adolescent B. educator C. adult D. worker
45.A. dedicated B. confused C. committed D. lost
46.A. education B. concern C. support D. choice
47.A. hard B. again C. along D. well
48.A. place B. case C. point D. cost
49.A. source B. attack C. response D. reward
50.A. guilt B. mistakes C. complaint D. responsibility
51.A. Teacher B. Dad C. Professor D. Son
52.A. In a way B. On the contrary C. In addition D. What’s worse
53.A. care B. cook C. read D. grasp
54.A. practiced B. imagined C. suggested D. escaped
55.A. answers B. meanings C. explanations D. words
56.A. college B. school C. farm D. factory
57.A. scholar B. volunteer C. model D. socialist
58.A. attended B. passed C. failed D. abandoned
59.A. studying B. waiting C. beginning D. demanding
60.A. face B. difference C. speech D. choice
My Travel Experience in China
During the summer holidays I visited a variety of regions in China.
My first stop was Beijing and of course the Great Wall. Without question it lived up to my  61  (expect).
After a long journey, I reached Yunnan. With  62  (it) minority villages and Impressive landscapes, Yunnan had a lot to offer. One of my  63  (enjoy) moments in Yunnan was during my visit to The Tiger Leaping Gorge. The climb over the gorge was at times exhausting  64  always breathtaking. The views couldn’t  65  (imagine) in their beauty and they  66  (leave) me with many great memories.
After taking a boat from the mainland I arrived at  67  island province of Hainan. There I visited Baihua Waterfall.  68  (float) on a pool of water at the base and looking up at the waterfall with a background of blue sky was one of the most relaxing experiences of my life.
Throughout China there are many ancient buildings and in particular ancient towns. Lijiang and Dali both have glorious  69  (example)of this. It was remarkable to step back in time and get an idea of  70  China might have looked like all those years ago. I thought the buildings were beautiful and full of history.
I had a wonderful time! China is both fascinating and beautiful!
第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)
第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
I have two fathers, a rich one and a poor one. One is high educated and intelligent, who completed four years of undergraduate work in less than two years. He them went on Stanford University. The other father never finishes the eighth grade. Therefore, both men are successful in their careers, work hard all their lives. Yet one struggles financially all his life. The other becomes one of the richest men in the Hawaii. And they have very different point of view about the subject of money. The contrast in our points of view is so extreme that we grow puzzling sometimes. I have to spend periods of time figuring out how each is saying.
第二节 书面表达(满分25分)
假设你是李华,你校即将举行一年一度的“校园书展(a campus book fair)”活动,其目的是给同学们提供一个交换、利用图书的机会。请你用英语写信给你的加拿大笔友Mike,介绍此次活动的有关情况。内容包括:
Dear Mike,
How are you doing these days?
Li Hua

21-25 ACAAC 26-30 CBCAB 31-35 CBABD 36-40 DGFCA
41-45 BACAD 46-50 ABCAD 51-55 BACAD 56-60 BCBAD
61.expectation 62.its 63.enjoyable 64.but 65.be imagined
66. left 67. The 68.Floating 69. Examples 70. what
I have two fathers, a rich one and a poor one. One is high educated and intelligent, who completed four years
of undergraduate work in less than two years. He them went on  Stanford University. The other father never
finishes the eighth grade. Therefore, both men are successful in their careers, work hard all their lives. Yet one
finished  However   working
struggles financially all his life. The other becomes one of the richest men in the Hawaii. And they have very different point of view about the subject of money. The contrast in our points of view is so extreme that we grow
   points  their
puzzling sometimes. I have to spend periods of time figuring out how each is saying.
puzzled what
One possible version
Dear Mike,
How are you doing these days?
Aimed at providing a platform where students can have a chance to exchange and make use of their books, the annual campus book fair will soon be held in our school. The fair will attract a huge crowd from the entire school, who are to sell, purchase and exchange their books with their peers.[来源:学&科&网]
As a regular visitor, I’ve found myself increasingly drawn by the fair. For one thing, the fair exhibits books of hundreds of types on diverse topics, motivating us to further develop our reading habits and helping to broaden our horizons. For another, most books are sold at a lower price than what the bookstores offer.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to host such a book fair better.
Li Hua
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